How does your yarden grow?

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your yarden grow?

Well, it’s coming along rather nicely!

Three new additions, the old stool came from my bedroom and I gave it a flash or red paint to brighten up this space.

The wooden planter I picked up in Aldi and filled with plants from our local greengrocer so I was pleased to have a couple of bargains this week!

First, a new collage I worked on this week!

Flower Collage Tropical Parrot

clockwork duck garden


yarden plant pots yarden plant pots OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Finally a garden bench finishes this off; I feel like we’ve achieved the yarden space that we’ve been working towards, and a place to sit just seemed all the more necessary now Joss wants to play out with her sandpit every day. Daddy and I have a spot to enjoy a cuppa (although as you can see in this last pic someone else quite likes this bench too!) and perhaps the odd glass of wine on the longer summer nights :)




8 thoughts on “How does your yarden grow?

  1. Yarden is a great addition to our vocabulary!
    Sun glasses and a sun hat – no wonder she looks so proud – perhaps the only yarden to be blessed with sun this half term?!
    Emma x.

  2. This is such a lovely outdoor space, I really want some more pots and containers in our garden as I love that look. The wooden planter from Aldi looks great, who’d have thought to look in there?! It will be a lovely place to sit out in on summer nights x

  3. Loving your garden space – the plants stand out so well against that painted wall – and the perfect place for a spot of lunch too. Liking you collage – that bird is my kind of thing exactly!
    Thanks for joining in again x

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