Plant Gang!

How is it the end of May already?!

I have been working through the Marie Kondo Life Changing Magic of Tidying for a month now and it has really brought to the fore how much my beloved plants ‘spark joy’ for me. This month’s Urban Jungle Blogger challenge is to show of a plant gang, I introduced a new member to the gang today, a ceropegia woodii with gorgeous variegated leaves, I just need a hanging pot for her and she will be good to go!

So here is my current plant gang, with a guest appearance from our new girl!

plant gang 2


4 thoughts on “Plant Gang!

  1. That is such a gorgeous plant the string of hearts. What a nice family you have there. There are lots of really nice hanging planters on etsy (there are lots on my favourites if you need some help with research) – I am just about to make my own. :)

  2. This is making me want to get more houseplants, I only have a couple of succulents about the house but they always make me smile :) Thanks for joining in lovely x

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