Leaf pictures

This week on my days off Joss has been all about Autumn, I have a definite gatherer and collector on my hands so on Tuesday we spent the whole day walking, laughing, gathering leaves, conkers and other bits and bobs for an Autumn sensory box and a spot of printing. Perfect. And all on our doorstep in a ten minute radius, we really are blessed to live here!

Leaf pictures

Leaf pictures Leaf pictures 1 Leaf pictures 2 Leaf pictures 3 Leaf pictures 4 Leaf pictures 5 Leaf pictures 6 Leaf pictures 7 Leaf pictures 8 Leaf pictures 9 Leaf pictures 10 Leaf pictures 11 Leaf pictures 12

8 thoughts on “Leaf pictures

  1. Ah I love these- they are just so typical of a sunny Autumn day where the sky is blue and the leaves changing colour. It’s so lovely that you brought bits home ot carry on playing with too – loving the printing!
    Thanks for sharing again x

  2. Wow, Ang! What stunning photos!!! I love this idea – do you literally just pick up what you fancy then take it home and pop your goodies in a box? Reuben’s not quite into gathering yet (as you know!) but I keep trying to get him interested! The life picture is stunning, you should be very proud of that pinnable :) xx

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