Making an effort

I’ve surprised myself at how I’m still somehow managing to keep myself groomed despite being a new mother. I remember vividly when she was five days old a friend visited and I grabbed her arm and said you have kids, please tell me you still get to wash your hair! Nine months on I’ve honed my routine, my hair has finally stopped falling out and I even managed to pull off looking kind of ok for a party last weekend. The process of taking care of myself continued with another little treat, another little tattoo, a daisy for my Daisy. I’m pleased with it, its a little tougher than I normally go for but it suits my tough cookie little lady!


We gathered items for our treasure basket

We gathered items for our treasure basket

I just heard about heuristic play last week, and treasure boxes too. We’ve just been around the house this morning, snow coming down fast, so I took a few minutes to search for some ideas online. Niff loved the basket, and its contents were so ordinary looking to me, but so interesting to her. She especially liked the rubber icecube mould, the silk scarf and had a good chew on the bristles of the toothbrush! The metal spoon was clearly preferred over the plastic and the weird bath sponge was just thrown! It was a really nice way to spend a morning, I had a cuppa and just observed. Heuristic play is about sitting back and letting them explore objects, work out for themselves what they do, or don’t do, and it kept her happy for a good hour!

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Long may children’s centre baby groups continue!

I don’t know what I’d do without my local Children’s Centre, we use their free activities a lot and both supergirl and I have benefitted hugely. I pitched on up with my four week old, sleep deprived, worried sick about my mothering skills and looking for a shoulder to cry on. I found a warm environment, a key worker who cares and sympathetic ears all round. Going along has helped me see my fears are normal, I can ask for advice, and Niff LOVES it! She is so sociable, recognises songs and actions and is learning to try lots of exciting things.

This week was a messy session, glitter and fake snow, she just chilled out when she got into that snowy bath, relaxed her furrowed brow and looked at her sparkly hands for half an hour straight! I’m a worrier, would she eat the snow, is it safe, will it stain? The group leader had the right attitude, she may have a glittery poo but its harmless and fun…and it was!


I love to see what the other babies are wearing as I’ve been told I have an interesting taste in baby clothes, but I favour Frugi trousers and Tiny Nipper leggings because they accommodate a big cloth nappy bum! The blue trousers just seen are fab Frugi’s, the Daisy Duck top a gift as that’s our girl’s middle name (Daisy, not Duck).


I also favour comfort over matchy matchy so she always wears clashing pippi longstocking socks!


And finally, we featured in Mother and Baby this month talking about cloth nappies! A lovely thing for Niffer’s memory box!


Pregnancy diary


When I was pregnant with Niff I kept a short diary and I wanted to type it up for her as I know I won’t remember all of the precious details.

August – a positive test at the end of the month, I did about ten just to be sure!

September – an early scan when you were just six weeks old – the size of a grain of rice but with a strong little heartbeat flickering on the screen. It was amazing to get a picture of you this early on to show Daddy! This was a worrying time, I look at you now and can’t believe that you came from such small beginnings, truly a miracle.

October – I had lots and lots of naps, I didn’t like to cook meat, eat baked beans or cheese, I drank litres and litres of icy cold milk getting up in the middle of the night for a glass, I had heartburn from now til your arrival. At ten weeks we told your grandparents about you, they were naturally delighted. At the end of October I started to feel your tiny movements

November – to the local Park for Bonfire Night, we muffled you in my coat to protect you from the loud noises, once a worrier always a worrier!

December – you came with me on some work training sessions to Coventry, Manchester and twice to London, it was hard work but lovely to have some time travelling to think about you. On 12 Dec we find out that you’re a little girl, amazing!

At 21 weeks I start to tell people at work, I have a tiny bump at this stage, at 25 weeks people still hadn’t guessed! On Boxing Day your Daddy feels you moving for the first time, round about now we choose your name – Joss

Names we thought about:

Ella, Joss Mia

Ethan, Marco

January – Daddy buys your first present, a dream catcher, we nearly have your room ready

February – about now I start to get lots of strong kicks under my ribs, they start to hurt when I’m at work from my bump pushing upwards

March – I keep getting told by the midwife that you’re a small baby, but I don’t think so, you’re really strong!

Early April – you pop your feet out by my ribs and I can make out your heel and toes, Daddy tickled your feet and you started a funny game chasing his hand around! You were always felt on my right side, and were transverse til 30 weeks when you were head down

15 April – first Braxton Hicks, a few false alarms at this point, we nearly went to hospital one night but then they stopped after an hour!

29th April – due date comes and goes but I can’t stop cleaning the house and sorting your clothes

4th May – my waters break

6th May – you’re here at last, as for your arrival, that’s another story!


Mr Cool

OK, he’s called Toby but he’s still my cool guy, pre-Niff this was the baby of the house, we rescued him four years ago, he’s still scared of newspapers and plastic bottles but we’ve worked hard to earn his trust and he’s a darling.

I needn’t have worried that he might feel pushed out by Niffer’s arrival, she dotes on him, he dotes on her dropped food! Niff thinks he’s hilarious, full on belly giggles ensue when he walks in the room, pulls his butt along the floor or scratches his ear, she goes wide eyed when she hears him running over the wooden floors and smiles when he barks. I hope they’ll be great friends, I always hoped to have a little animal lover!


Away we go


I love to watch Niff with her darling daddy. Yesterday we took a trip to the seaside, my family call it blowing the cobwebs away and it certainly was windy but a really lovely day full of the little things in life, a sandwich and flask of cocoa to share, a portion of chips, Niff’s delight at a seagull over the pram, then watching the two of them having a special chat whilst I snapped a picture. I thought I loved him as much as I knew how, she brings out things in him that I’ve never seen and they are the sweetest pair together. Here’s to getting away more often!


And finally, a game of cuddle bear before bed, new Daisy Duck PJs and the hilarity of hide and seek with a pillowcase, love you all in the world my blue eyed girl!