A week off with a child, not quite a holiday! AKA when kids pull an all nighter…

Mr Daddy took a week off and we decided to spend it having a ‘staycation’ – it has been a classic case of ‘we’ve come on holiday by mistake’ (big Withnail and I fans we are) as of course it hasn’t really been a holiday at all. Gone are the 10am lie ins and late nights in from the pub, Joss even managed to outdo herself by pulling one all nighter so I guess she’s been in the holiday spirit anyway!

We have however done a series of nice things, including a day out to Durham, my Uni town, and a spot of blackberrying, I have been avidly reading A Girl Called Jack and meal planning and of course little miss has had some shoes to get to grips with!

Having a rest on holiday…
We did some good peeking!
Daddy made me a daisy chain Joss’ middle name is Daisy!


And Joss kept us awake ALL night and when we hit breaking point sang “be ‘appy, be ‘appy” her rendition of Dr Ranj’s Get Well Soon which is both hilarious and sweet to a mama who often needs to be told to lighten up, and wanted to look at the trees and car cars at 3am!

All in all a really fun week and lovely to see Mr Dad, though I suspect if we have another all nighter he may never holiday with us again!

So before the schools go back and autumn comes, ‘appy holidays from my family to yours!

What’s the story?


I love to look back at old photos, especially holiday pics, this is El Palo beach near Malaga in 2009 at sundown, we’d just eaten at a crazy restaurant we’d seen on Rick Stein’s Spain where the waiters walk around the tables shouting out the names of tapas just cooked and you grab what you like the look of as they go by, “gambas pil pil” “pulpo pulpo pulpo” gallons of sangria are served and the atmosphere is fantastic, afterwards we strolled along the beach and remarked at all the people out for a run along the beach.

We absolutely love fresh fish in this house and holidays are more food than drink orientated for us! This week we’re holidaying from home which isn’t terribly relaxing with a little one! That said I’m pleased we’ve had ten years together to enjoy more romantic holidays, and who knows what the future may bring, perhaps the odd weekend break action packed family holiday?

Being comfortable in your own skin


Here’s a new thing, I got my nose pierced this weekend. Why? I’ve been asked if I’m having a midlife crisis (I’m 29 :/ ) but its not that, its something I’ve always wanted to have done but haven’t had the balls until I had Joss.

I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, to feel confident to express who she really is and not spend years conflicted about those things as I have. I have three piercings and three tattoos, I have been surprised by people’s reactions to them in this day and age, perhaps its that I’m aware people think I’m quite a ‘sensible’ person?

Part of the process for me has been learning not to care what others think and putting my best foot forward, each one tells a story, especially the tattoos and they’re deeply personal and motivate me in various areas of my life. They’re not for everyone but they’re a new part of me and it’s been quite freeing, what’s the opposite of crisis? Mid-life calm perhaps?


First shoes, little feet, ever so sweet!

They really do and I am loving recording Joss’ moments! Today we had a big ‘first’ the first pair of shoes! A little late at 16m as she’s not quite walking confidently they’re a whopping 4F! She was fab in the shoe shop giggling and allowed her feet to be measured, we chose these soft cruisers, I was against shoes before confident walking at first but she’s such an aversion to socks etc I wanted her to get used to short periods of shoe wearing, and my little show off took 6 steps independently tonight, the most yet!


Tonight I caught her learning about how socks work in her cot, we’d been playing happily and she took off both socks. First she stretched them, then she opened them, then draped them over her feet looking triumphant til they fell off, eventually she decided they maybe were for on her head and popped one on there saying ‘hat’ – then dolly tried them on, and Tramp but they still didn’t work, after ten minutes she got bored and moved onto practicing words, cheese, ‘nana and meow!

Managing dogs and babies – adventures in babywearing

Managing dogs and babies - adventures in babywearing

I posted recently about all the things you can do with two free hands when you carry your children, and I missed a vital photograph in my montage, dogwalking! Here we are dog and toddler having an explore of the local woods, Toby is a lovely, lovely boy but he is also the village rascal – barking, jumping up at people, as a rescue he came to us with poor manners and we have worked hard to bring up his confidence at the cost of his behaviour, he does not have a good recall so has to be on the lead and is not trustworthy around roads and small creatures (classic terrier-trait, no?!)

All this means that we were destined to forever walk very slowly with the pram in one hand and the dog lead in the other, Toby diving under the wheels and me struggling to manage the two of them, girl and dog!

Not with slings! Having two free hands to explore and allowing Joss the freedom and height to watch his every move our afternoon walks are something we all look forward to! Now if only the Manduca had a pocket for treats (or maybe two, one for baby one for dog) we’d be sorted!

Cuddly girl

A short small steps amazing achievements linky post this week as I’m trying to keep up with my uni work, but will try to visit as many as possible fellow linkers! Joss has recently started to show affection for her toys and now gives them a cuddle saying ahhhhh and patting them on the back! This is a lovely sociable development step and has extended into cuddles with ahhhhh for daddy and I too!

Here she is with cuddles for Tramp and Little Ted :-)



From over ripe bananas to things of beauty


Its GBBO again, I’m no Mary Berry but I’m fond of practical family baking and they don’t come much more practical than these banana breakfast muffins! Bake Off worthy? No. Toddler worthy? Oh yes!


2 large eggs
3oz butter melted gently
3 overripe bananas mashed
Half teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
9oz self raising flour
1/2 tspn each of baking powder and bicarb
4oz caster sugar
4 fl oz milk

Preheat oven to 190 degrees

Sieve all your dry ingredients together and melt your butter.

Add mashed bananas, milk, beaten eggs and vanilla extract to the butter. Mix well, tip into a well in the centre of the dry mix and gently fold in.

Portion into cupcake/muffin cases and bake for about 20 mins until golden, my mix made 12 large muffins, yum!

Cuddledry Giraffe Poncho


Joss has been standing in the bathroom asking for ‘bapf’ lately, she loves bathtime and I’m so pleased she enjoys it as its a lovely time to spend together especially if I’ve been out to work for the day. This week the Cuddledry Poncho I ordered arrived, two sweet little giraffes appliqu├ęd on a soft white bath poncho.

The cotton bamboo blend makes it super soft and absorbent and as you can see Joss likes to extend playtime post-bath so its a good way for her to get some nappy free time and keep warm too! I like the flowered edging, it is a lovely quality towel and the perfect step up from the Cuddledry apron for an exploring toddler!

If you’d like one for your little explorers check out Cuddledry by following my Cuddledry Super Bloggers button on the right side of my blog!

What’s the story?


This is a photograph of a postcard that I loved too much to post away! I love the dog’s expression and how random and strange an idea it is! I saw it and knew my little brother would just get it too, we have this similar sense of humour and often realise by accident that we like the same things, dogs, tattoos and music notwithstanding despite quite a large age gap :-). This is his soon to be birthday card and I know he’ll love it!