Being comfortable in your own skin


Here’s a new thing, I got my nose pierced this weekend. Why? I’ve been asked if I’m having a midlife crisis (I’m 29 :/ ) but its not that, its something I’ve always wanted to have done but haven’t had the balls until I had Joss.

I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, to feel confident to express who she really is and not spend years conflicted about those things as I have. I have three piercings and three tattoos, I have been surprised by people’s reactions to them in this day and age, perhaps its that I’m aware people think I’m quite a ‘sensible’ person?

Part of the process for me has been learning not to care what others think and putting my best foot forward, each one tells a story, especially the tattoos and they’re deeply personal and motivate me in various areas of my life. They’re not for everyone but they’re a new part of me and it’s been quite freeing, what’s the opposite of crisis? Mid-life calm perhaps?


One thought on “Being comfortable in your own skin

  1. I used to have my nose pierced and really want to go and get it done again! As for tattoos I have loads of designs but am too chicken to go! As I used to have a sensible job I used that as an excuse but I have now I have no reason not to and really just go do it!!

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