What’s the story?


I love to look back at old photos, especially holiday pics, this is El Palo beach near Malaga in 2009 at sundown, we’d just eaten at a crazy restaurant we’d seen on Rick Stein’s Spain where the waiters walk around the tables shouting out the names of tapas just cooked and you grab what you like the look of as they go by, “gambas pil pil” “pulpo pulpo pulpo” gallons of sangria are served and the atmosphere is fantastic, afterwards we strolled along the beach and remarked at all the people out for a run along the beach.

We absolutely love fresh fish in this house and holidays are more food than drink orientated for us! This week we’re holidaying from home which isn’t terribly relaxing with a little one! That said I’m pleased we’ve had ten years together to enjoy more romantic holidays, and who knows what the future may bring, perhaps the odd weekend break action packed family holiday?

3 thoughts on “What’s the story?

  1. What an amazing photograph, El Palo looks like the most incredible place to be. I love this grab your food attitude, sounds like a perfect night especially with gallons of Sangria! Lovely post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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