Real Nappy Week #RNW 2013

Gosh this time last year I was enormous and used my time on mat leave wisely, looking into cloth nappies. Thanks to Go Real I was sent a free Pop In to try, baby came along, two weeks later I had a whole fluffy stash! I’ve blogged before about fluff love, this year I’ve been getting involved in Clothopoly and The Great British Nappy Hunt and have so far won a Bambino Mio in associated competitions. My big loves are Totsbots Easifits and Fuzzibunz Elites, as seen here in a washing action shot!


So here’s my five reasons we cloth bum:

1) No car = risk of last minute emergency nappy low stock, now we always have nappies at hand
2) Environmental friendliness – Brits throw away 3bn sposies a year, which would take 500 years to decompose, a legacy I don’t want to pass on
3) Good old money saving – we broke even by ten months, no more paying out for nappies, I try not to have more than I need selling the smaller size to fund the next
4) More breathable for wee bums
5) Supporting UK manufacturing through Totsbots, and wahm with the odd pretty :-)

PS the cloth bum community at large is amazing, we’ve made a LOT of good friends through it!

If in doubt try a trial pack from your local nappy library, or check out a real nappy week event near you, you won’t regret it!

Equating Mother with Cakes


I feel like a fraud sometimes, mothers should be domestic goddesses right?! I’m not great at housework or baking, I dare say I was made for more academic pursuits, but I’d like to be more rounded so I decided to learn a few basics! Now I have a basic bun mix cracked I decided to move onto more complex things, like savoury buns, scary! These worked so well, a basic bun mix minus the sugar with the addition of cheese and courgette, Joss is happy, I feel like less of a fraud and my home smells, well, homely, if only for an hour or two! Now to try something more complex….