Away we go


I love to watch Niff with her darling daddy. Yesterday we took a trip to the seaside, my family call it blowing the cobwebs away and it certainly was windy but a really lovely day full of the little things in life, a sandwich and flask of cocoa to share, a portion of chips, Niff’s delight at a seagull over the pram, then watching the two of them having a special chat whilst I snapped a picture. I thought I loved him as much as I knew how, she brings out things in him that I’ve never seen and they are the sweetest pair together. Here’s to getting away more often!


And finally, a game of cuddle bear before bed, new Daisy Duck PJs and the hilarity of hide and seek with a pillowcase, love you all in the world my blue eyed girl!


2 thoughts on “Away we go

  1. Lovely photos….. and I totally agree – seaside air is such a tonic – I used to live in Morecambe during my second year of Uni, and the fresh air walks along the prom were fab, followed by a warming mug of hot choc!

    • Ah Morecambe is beautiful, were spoiled for choice here, Northumberland Coast and little local seaside towns, it really is amazing, my mam grew up inland and so she loved to take us to beaches weekly so it wasn’t just a special occasions thing!

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