Simple things to combat SAD

I’m drafting a mammoth post about seasonal affective disorder at the moment, but as it’s been on my mind as I’ve been mulling over ideas I realised that I know I am feeling really well within myself at the moment as I’m really enjoying the little things in life., the simple things to combat SAD if you will.

Today a friend tagged me in a Facebook challenge to share five photos that make me smile, later I’ll be digging through old pics to choose just five, but this post is a wee celebration of the small things that have made me smile very recently, it’s utterly self indulgent but it’s been a while since I did this, so here we go, seven simple things to smile about.

Things like bonfire night

fireworks use

Like these two messing on for Halloween

fireworks2 use

Crafting something I’m really proud of and love


And encouraging Joss to appreciate her own artworks


Spotting interesting things on my walks and rambles with her

farm4 use

And her joy at spotting something really awesome too (taking this little fella home and washing him up made me smile, Joss practically ran home to show her Lego monkey foundling to Daddy)

farm3 use

And finally, just being in her company

ang and joss

One thought on “Simple things to combat SAD

  1. Jazz hands in your last photo! Sorry to read you suffer from SAD, it’s more widespread than people think, then you raising awareness is great. I’m looking forward to reading your big post about it!

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