Sweet William Photo Study

Sweet William

sweet wil┬Ěliam, noun

a widely cultivated Old World pink (Dianthus barbatus) with small white to deep red or purple flowers often showily spotted, banded, or mottled and borne in flat-topped cymes


These are my absolute favourite flowers to have in the house and what better way to appreciate them than a short photo study? I’ve been motivating myself to read a little each day about improving my photos so this was a good starter for ten!



18 thoughts on “Sweet William Photo Study

  1. Beautiful photography and lovely flowers. I am glad you linked up with Motivational Monday as I really want to improve mine too. I just got an Olloclip for my iPhone as a (slightly early) birthday present.

  2. Our garden is full of sweet williams that have just started to flower. Thank you for reminding me to bring some inside, they are so bright like jewels.

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