A Lovely Love Story

This walk has a story to it, when I was 14 I started walking here with my mam in preparation for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. By the time I was 16 this was a place I’d come to just get some space, and when I was 17 and got together with Mr B we came down here every time we met up at mine for a walk, or a picnic, or just a chat. Three months into our relationship as we started this very same walk he surprised me with an eternity ring, he later admitted he just liked the ring and had no idea of the symbolism but hey, it obviously was meant to be!

We moved into a flat down here 5 years ago and got Tobydog, so started to walk this 30 minute loop every morning and night, and soon we were making it round in 20 minutes, we’ve done it ever since, and in 2011 he proposed on the grassy knoll over looking the Tyne. In May 2012 we took our darling daughter for her first ‘path walk’ – I was terrified, was she too hot, too cold, did she needs more layers, was I going to be a good mother… Almost two years on she loves coming out here almost as much as we do, lots to see even on a rainy day when I took some of these snaps! Consequently I never want to leave this place, so many good memories! #lovelylovestory

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