Congratulations Cuddledry (we knew you were great!)

We and our fellow Cuddledry Super Bloggers received some exciting news today! This month, Cuddledry towels scooped both the gold AND silver ‘Best Baby Towel’ awards from Loved by Parents, confirming their continued excellence in producing innovative, useful and high quality products. The winning products were the Original Cuddledry Apron Towel which we love so much we frequently give as a new baby gift, and the new Cuddleswim Baby Towel. The simple brilliance of the Apron Towel has been recognised since the product’s infancy, attracting the attention of all four dragons when it featured on Dragon’s Den in 2007 and going on to win over 25 awards. Worn as an apron, it keeps mums and dads dry during bathtime whilst allowing them to have both hands free to safely bath their newborns.


We’re about to move from the apron towel to the ‘big girl’ toddler Cuddledry, what should we go for, dinosaur or pink polkas?!

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