Cuddledry launches Pink Polka Range for girls!

Cuddledry launched their new girly pink polka dot range this week, a must for baby girls and toddlers! The range includes the ever popular classic Cuddledry apron towel that we’ve so loved for Joss, so handy with a wriggly tot, an adorable toddler towel that we’re about to move upto for long legged Jossy, and the super‐absorbent Cuddletwist hair towel, great for preventing drips without needing to use another towel which appeals to the eco-mum in me!


The super softness and absorbency will of course remain, thanks to Cuddledry’s signature blend of pure cotton and bamboo. The apron and toddler towels will be made of a double layer of toweling, making them twice as warm and snuggly as regular towels.

Prices start at £8.99 for the Pink polka dot Cuddletwist hair towel, the Pink polka dot apron is £32.99 and the Pink polka dot toddler towel £34.99

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