Happy as a pig in…water


A trip to the Farm at the end of the street this weekend and of course little pig had to come to see his bigger, real life counterparts too.  Joss had me in absolute stitches, she was hooting and giggling at a big Tamworth boar scratching on a fence post, it was funny, but not that funny; when she finally got her words out and shouted “piggy dancing!” I saw the funny side too and almost fell over because she was so tickled by it. 

Later little pig joined us for lunch and took a dip in her water cup, and then it was home to dig out the other farm animals and continue the fun and games.

8 thoughts on “Happy as a pig in…water

  1. I love it when little ones get fits of giggles, and so lovely that you got to share the joke in the end.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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