Midwinter snowdrops

Ah the snowdrops are here, spring is coming, look lively!

Today J and I took a ‘snowdrop walk'; a see what we can spot walk, and it was lovely, crisp, bright and lots to find.

gorse 1

Midwinter snowdrops


snowdrops 2

A lucky find, a bat box that had come down in the woods and my nipper was quick to investigate!

tinker 3

snowrops 4

In a comedy of errors we returned home to tidy the yarden and discovered these growing in one of our own pots right under our noses; I have no recollection of planting them and they’re a bit sad looking, but snowdrops none the less!


We’ve some tidying up to do, but I’m pleased to see our summer garland is still standing!



It’s at the faded Ibiza chic stage!


And the bamboo continues to do its thing much to my amazement after I feared I’d killed it off earlier last year!


And finally, some cut snowdrops brought back from J’s Grandmother’s house for me, gorgeous!


9 thoughts on “Midwinter snowdrops

  1. Snowdrops are so pretty. It’s a bonus to discover something beautiful you don’t remember planting. I still haven’t bought any for the garden. Next year….(that’s what I said last year haha).

  2. I love snowdrops, we’ve been spotting them this week too. And I often have flowers appearing in my pots that i can’t remember planting, but obviously did at some point-it’s a lovely bonus isn’t it :)

  3. Ah bamboo, my nemesis! Honestly once I tired to remove it from my garden and even when I had dug it’s roots out with pickaxe!!!

    Snowdrops are so lovely – for me they are a sign of the bulbs to come – daff, bluebells and so on. Lovely that you brought some inside!

    thanks for joining in again x

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