Thrifty Home: Create a Yarden Retreat (Back Yard Container Gardening)

Who says you can’t have an enjoyable outdoor space without a garden?

This is our outdoor spot, a lovely place to sit out with a cuppa on a nice day and it’s shaping up to be a sweet little spot for Joss to potter too!

Start planning and planting now and you can have a lovely patch too!


Here’s my rundown of five top tips for container yardening:

1) Reflect the light with white painted walls!


2) Pots in different colours add interest

Save some cash here, you only need the odd flash of colour amongst the green to add an eclectic feel, shop around in charity shops or supermarkets for great deals



3) Build a small planter from wood or brick

We built this small brick area with our neighbour one nice summer, 100 bricks, mortar a DIY book and three cheap trellis transformed this space into a planter for climbers, none of us had built a wall prior to this!


4) Use all of the space

Look up, use wall space to add baskets and climbers on trellis to add height, mix up your pots so you get good height difference in your floor coverage


5) Plant what you love

Lily of the valley for me, starting off some herbs and salad for Joss to grow


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5 thoughts on “Thrifty Home: Create a Yarden Retreat (Back Yard Container Gardening)

  1. Lovely tips :-)
    I am very lucky, we have a proper garden with a lawn and flowerbeds and everything this year! (For the first time) I can’t wait to make use of it this summer.

  2. I love these tips – I’m a big fan of brightly coloured and terracotta pots in smaller spaces. This reminds me I have herbs to plant too!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing xx

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