How does your garden grow?

I’m loving the Mammasaurus linky How Does Your Garden Grow, sunny scenes and blooms just make me happy! I dream of a garden, but instead have a yarden, a container garden, which we love to potter in, I sit out most days with a cuppa and just watch birds to and fro, bees busily buzzing and the odd ant army trooping about. So what do I know about container gardening? Well not a lot, but we’re learning, we’ve learned that when we get plants from friend’s and family’s gardens the soil needs to be changed as they tend not to fayre well in garden soil out of the garden! We’ve learned that we like sedums, hardy and satisfyingly sturdy, and that there’s nothing like getting together with the flat owner upstairs, building a wall with a cider one summer evening and filling it with climbers and spending subsequent evenings encouraging their trails through the trellis! Painting the external wall adds light, and when it flakes you get a bit antsy but then it takes on a rustic charm, mismatching pots work, and small children like lots and lots of windmills!


3 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. What a lovely space to sit out in and enjoy. Love the mix of posts and trellis and hanging planters. Give me slightly peeling old looking painted walls any day of the week :)

    Love the succulents too – my fave! thanks for joining in and sharing , have a smashing weekend!

  2. This looks like a lovely space. When we were growing up we had a yarden too!!! Great name by the way :-) it was filled with so many lovely things and despite being small I think we made more of it than if it was a huge garden.

    We are in the process of moving and we will be downsizing in garden by quite a bit, so I am glad I stumbled across your post via Mammasaurus and a tweet from Aly from Plus2point4 as there is going to be plenty of space for lovely containers.

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