A look back on a relay great week!

Real Life

This week saw the advent of Joss and I taking part in the Team Honk Relay it was brilliant to be part of this Sport Relief adventure, our journey started with Three Boys and a Cat at the Angel of the North and ended with Mumsdays at Baltic Square – I am very proud of Team Durham and have met two lovely ladies as well as raising money for a great cause!

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This week at work I’ve been musing about work blogs, the budget and new projects I want to get involved in, it’s also been a brilliant week for sleep, which is a brilliant week full stop in my book with Joss sleeping 10 hours straight for two weeks now, wowsers, all this fresh air is so good for her!

Blog Life

Popular on the blog this week have been two thrifty tutorials of sorts, one on recycling wrapping paper and the other on creating a container garden, which has been my baby for the last two blogging springs and the source of much inspiration!



This week I was inspired to do some baking for Joss by Charlotte’s Kitchen didn’t manage to snap the blueberry muffins we baked as they got snapped up quickly but I did get a shot of the chocolate ones I made for work

On the crafty front I really want to try turning some tulle I bought ages ago into a tutu like this for Joss

And I discovered a new read, Dadbloguk through this post – we have talked about the way we both work and how we might accommodate at the very least a Daddy day, so DBUKs post was food for thought this week

And finally…

My favourite photos from this week, after our big Team Honk walk, a spot of hide and seek, now where’s Joss?…


There she is!

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4 thoughts on “A look back on a relay great week!

  1. Hello :-)

    Ever since I made banana bread the other week, my baking desire has been seriously reignited so I’ll be having a look at Charlotte’s Kitchen.

    And I’m sharing your joy at 10 straight hours sleep. Gwenn has gone from 6pm-5:30am for three out of the last four nights. I thought it was never going to happen (but I’m not counting my chickens …)

    See you next week :-)


  2. I’m loving all your projects at the moment! – going to check out your container post now as that’s my next project (once the new shed is up!!). Looks like you’ve had a lovely week and those cupcakes look amazing. And Joss is so cute!!

    p.s. it was lovely to meet you too :D xxxx

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