A Relay Great Day for A Team Honk Toddle

Many thanks for your support everyone, we completed the walk in record time today, Joss walked the last half mile in the wind and rain, what a trooper!





The baton is now on its way North with Hannah on route to John O Groats, we’ve collectively raised over £23,000 and counting and had a brilliant time along the way, your support and sponsorship is very much appreciated, thanks also to those who texted support messages along the route, came out to wave and cheered us on, we needed it!


Much love,

Angela and Joss x

3 thoughts on “A Relay Great Day for A Team Honk Toddle

  1. Yay! Oh bless her. This post definitely made me smile. Every time I see that baton, I am amazed by how many bloggers have handled it. I was so chuffed to be one of the first and see it go down the line. I feel so united with this. Thank you for linking to Magic Moments x

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