Our dream family garden makeover

*Heads up* we have a yard, not a garden, a yarden if you will, but there’s no disputing that it’s a green space! I thought we’d be pretty limited on play equipment with a yard, but Activity Toys Direct have some great all-surface toys that would be a welcome addition to our currently very grown-up space.


Mr B and I, as well as our upstairs neighbour, have put a lot of hard work and imagination into getting as far as we have with what was a blank canvas. We now have a bright, airy space, with white painted walls to reflect the light and lots and lots of pretty pots. Some of the things I’d like to do in this space include buying a chiminea with a built in pizza stone so that we could keep warm in the late summer whilst having something to bake flatbreads and pizzas on. I’d also love to buy some of the investment plants that do well in pots, you know, the ones that you can only afford to buy one a year of! I’m thinking particularly of a pelargonium collection, lots of lupins, and an oriental poppy, for starters. We’d also love a wrought iron table and chairs, we don’t have any storage so something hardwearing will be essential. My pinterest board gives a flavour of what I like! We went ‘fantasy shopping’ with £750, and this is what we came up with.


What is isn’t yet is a family space fit for a toddler – this week Joss learned a new word, “outside” and she needs an outside that is a welcoming and safe space -it needs a few finishing touches, and this is where Activity Toys Direct comes in.

The gold standard toy for this space would have to be something that would compensate for the lack of any grass or turf, the Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage is ideal, as it has an internal moulded-in plastic floor with drainage, rather than the hard uneven ground that is currently under foot. With kitchen, doors and windows and a sweet little mailbox this would really transform what is already a much improved space into the ultimate toddler play area. I would be really happy for Joss to have friends round to play with this setup, and would feel that we were providing a safe space for roleplay and outdoor creative activities alike.

With a small flat space is at a premium, so this lovely playhouse also has the added advantage of providing a little extra storage space. Space for a few additional roleplay type toys, for example this little bakery or laundry set, which could tuck nicely away with the help of a tarpaulin to protect everything from the inclement weather. Thinking about having friends around, this lovely easel could stand outside on the ground nicely with no need for grass, or could come indoors for playdates too!

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Activity Toys Direct helped us to see that we didn’t need to keep putting off outdoor play until we can finally afford to move to a house with a garden, we already have a lovely space, we just need a makeover with some finishing touches to make it more child friendly!

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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