A Day Out with Cbeebies and Friends

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This sticker from earlier in the week, worn ironically then, now speaks the truth!


This week saw me take Thursday off to take Joss to the Cbeebies big band show, Katie, Andy, Mr Bloom, Mr Tumble, the Zingzillas and Rastamouse himself put on a brilliant show and Joss did me proud for the 100 minutes which I was nervous might be 30 minutes too long! The interesting thing about an Arena is that it’s so loud and noisy no-one can hear you scream! When Joss started to have a little bit of a tantrum she realised I couldn’t hear her and looked really shocked, then burst out into peals of laughter! Clearly we need to go on big days out more often as on the way home on my back in her sling she said ‘I had a nice day Mammy’ – gorgeous heart-warming stuff!


My favourite posts from this week were crafty ones here and here, though these flapjacks got a good reception both at home and here on the blog.

I also had a guest post with The Mini Mes and Me and really enjoyed sharing my post with a different audience too!

Then this post got people talking over on Facebook and my blog, lets here it for all parents, do you agree the term Working Mother is redundant? We’re all working parents!

I’m working on a new post at the moment, coming next week, sharing my experience doing the two week wardrobe challenge, more to come but it involved me putting all of my clothes shoes and bags into a binbag or two and living with a completely empty wardrobe for a bit!

More on that later, and for now, TTFN!

- See more at: http://www.mumsdays.com/#sthash.vHhCSsdn.dpuf

2 thoughts on “A Day Out with Cbeebies and Friends

  1. Oh my goodness, I am hyperventilating over that cleaning schedule. I mooted this idea with Andrew a few months ago and it was met with a fairly underwhelming response but I’m so doing it. I could actually vomit over the state of our living room carpet (although it’s in such a state I probably could and it would all blend in!).

    If you have the time, you might be interested in this — http://bettyandthebumps.com/2014/04/05/tomorrow-will-be-a-better-day/— which I wrote last weekend and it’s along a similar vein to your working mum post. It kind of sums up my thoughts on the matter.

    See you next week!



  2. I love that picture of little joss laughing away and I’m so impressed she sat through the whole thing…I wonder if Reuben could yet…?! Lovely list away love and I’ve also just read your post about being a working Mother and found it fascinating – bless nelly! That’s a hard working mama too :)

    I’m off to see if you’ve posted about your wardrobe…I did a mini cleanse at the beginning of the year in which I got rid of a load of stuff and was left with nothing but I feel like there’s still stuff to tackle (I have a whole draw FULL of tights and leggings I just don’t wear!) xxx

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