South Shields Summer – Well Sort of Summer

A birthday trip to be beach for turning two was in order this week, the start of our South Shields Summer (it’s our nearest beach, just 20 minutes away, lucky us!)

Daddy and Joss dashed to the water whilst I dealt with the pram and the sand!


We came across this fellow, I decided he looked angry (sadly he was an expired crab so maybe he was angry :( oh dear!)


But it was a good learning experience for Joss and she got to have a really good look at him, sorry poor crab!


Ok it’s not ‘sort of summer’ like I said in the title, it’s spring, but I love the coast too much to stay away and the icecream is too nice not to enjoy it in all seasons!

Infact this expression says ‘stricken’ – I’ve eaten this icecream really very quickly and have a spot of brain freeze, poor pet!


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7 thoughts on “South Shields Summer – Well Sort of Summer

  1. Ouch! Brain freeze is nasty! Especially when you don’t really get why it happened :)
    You’ve totally made me want to wander on a beach and eat ice-cream now. *Glares at rain*
    Thanks for linking up with #Expressions lovley x

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