Cake Angels Review – Turning 30 and letting someone else go first!

This weekend it was Daddy’s turn to have a birthday, the big 3-0 – just letting him have a month of being ‘the older guy’ in my life before I join him.

What’s the story with this photo then? The big event got underway with 30 gifts for 30 years, I loved choosing them, some practical some fun, there were garden lanterns and seeds for the summer, party glasses and hat, coffee and biscotti, a few IOUs for a steak dinner and a night out, pancake mix for breakfast in bed after a big birthday night out, the usual socks, some pavement chalk for playing out with Joss in the spring, too much to list but glad I split the wrapping over a few days!


We took a trip to the beach to blow away the cobwebs and burn off our fish and chips!

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Then we returned home to a knock at the door from our neighbour. The lovely folk at Cake Angels had delivered a parcel just in time for the big day, some cake decorating goodies for Joss and I to test drive, I loved the bright pink bag, what’s this? Toddler toes in the photo, Joss barged me out of the way to nab the pink tissue!


Here’s a rundown of our review parcel:

2 packs of toppers one fruit themed the other vehicles, these are great quality and travelled brilliantly in the post!

A tub of choc fudge icing that smells amazing!

White mini marshmallows

A pot with four kinds of chocolate sprinkles, including my fave choc curls

And two candles making up a 3-0 for daddy!


I had promised a banoffee pie so how lucky that the pack we were sent had just the things to complement! The marshmallows are under the cream nestled in the bananas and we used the candles, chocolate sprinkles and banana toppers to finish it all off!

I feel another choc themed post coming up soon so we can review the fudge topping and sprinkles and toppers some more!


As a busy Mammy who is currently finalising her dissertation I have to say a big thanks to Cake Angels, they get a thumbs up and recommendation from me for giving the perfect finishing touch to home baking, have you checked out their webpage?

There are loads of great recipes and best of all decorating inspiration especially for kid’s cakes!

If you haven’t seen the mini marshmallow sheep cupcakes you need to seek them out, so cute!


13 thoughts on “Cake Angels Review – Turning 30 and letting someone else go first!

  1. what a fab idea with the presents, I might have to do that for hubby’s 40th, I have a few months to organise yet but I bet I leave the wrapping until the last minute! Our cake angels goody bag arrived this morning so I am sure I will be pestered to make cakes constantly :)

  2. What a great idea for your hubby’s 30th birthday. Must have taken so long to do the wrapping, definitely a good call to split it up. Sounds like the beach was great too and I love the look of the cake. Yum yum! Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. I love the idea of 30 presents for 30 years – I am 30 this year so might suggest that to my other half lol. The cake looks amazing, I totally want to eat cake for breakfast right now! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. what an awesome idea I love that 30 gifts for 30 years I am going to have to use it when I have a big family birthday come up! the cake bits look delicious its making my mouth water looking at it now! #triedtested

  5. Great gift idea, that would be perfect for me as I love thoughtful little gifts. We’ve just received an exciting bag from Cake Angels too, I’m looking forward to getting baking

  6. That cake looks amazing! I’m so impressed – I would also need the cake mix but the toppings do look great, definitely one to keep in mind for Reuben’s birthday, he’s vehicle mad! xxx

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