Baking together

A big first this week, Joss and I baked together for the first time. Whenever we go to town we pop to a popular coffee shop I won’t name and Joss gets an oatmeal apple and raisin cookie. We decided to have a bash at our own minus the apple (it was a just using what we had in the house kinda day!)

Lots of weighing and mixing followed, a bit too much cinnamon was tipped in but we love it so that worked out ok, and in fact the end result was as good as the cafe version if not better!

Here’s Joss doing some mixing


And the finished product


What do you think? Good enough to eat?

6 thoughts on “Baking together

  1. Aw – that is so cute. My boys are much older (12 and 10) – the younger one loves cooking but I am failing miserably to get the older one interested which is odd because he loves food. I will not give up though as the ability to cook, even if only a few things, is so important.

  2. I think baking is a great activity to do together. They sound yummy, perhaps we should try to make them.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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