35-49/365 Joy in the Mundane

Third row down third photo is my (slightly frivolous) What’s the Story this week. It features two of my joys, an old object refound, and vintage too. This necklace was a gift from Alex for my 24th Birthday from my fave little vintage store in Newcastle, it’s sparkly and retro but it’s heavy design gives it a ‘tough’ feel. I have way too much costume jewellery but when I changed jobs and found I had a smart enough wardrobe but it had no edge I got out my old leather jewellery case and remembered this beauty was in there. Joss spotted it straight away “pretty necklace Mammy” so I just had to wear it again, we’ve barely been parted this week! The first photo on the fourth row is my Small Steps… photo, Joss has started taking independent steps outside without holding my hand all the time, she’s growing up!


3 thoughts on “35-49/365 Joy in the Mundane

  1. How how fabulous, Joss has great taste! What a fabulous necklace, I’m not surprised you’ve been wearing it a lot this week. Love the rest of the photos too, seems like you’ve had a good week :)

  2. Loving all the photos from your week. A big well done on taking independent steps, lots of fun to be had now!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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