Polarn O. Pyret Comes to Fenwick Newcastle

Yesterday Joss and I visited the latest UK Polarn O. Pyret (PO.P) concession to hit the UK, here in Fenwick Department Store in Newcastle.

Having previously bought PO.P online or been lucky to get bits sent from overseas I’m delighted to have this Swedish brand on our doorstep. PO.P make fun clothes that kids can play in, and that grow with them. She’s been wearing a pair of their block colour leggings for months now so we know they last!

When we arrived in store we perused the concession and got some great advice from the staff on sizing and layering up for cooler spring weather, they were friendly and had great brand knowledge. We had a look at some of the latest stock, and as it was 25% off for the first weekend stocked up on a few bits and bobs, it was hard to choose as the new colours and stripes are right up our street!


Functional and bright, it was this stock that I really liked:


These are our purchases:


We loved the blogger pack we were given too, sweet, the party pack will come in handy for a certain someone’s 2nd Birthday!


And finally in action, down on the farm and off-road, functional kids wear at its best, warm, adaptable and comfy with no compromise on style!



Finally, as this blog takes an eco focus, look out for PO.P ECO branding instore and online for organic cotton, it’s beautiful and there’s loads of choice!

Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this post, I really like the brand and would recommend it, it’s one we’ve worn before!

9 thoughts on “Polarn O. Pyret Comes to Fenwick Newcastle

  1. Was great to meet you and Joss Angela, thanks so much for coming in on Saturday and for letting people know about our special brand of kids clothing. Hope you enjoy for many years to come! Do email me so that we can stay in touch. Warmest regards Jo x

  2. I was just there yesterday and bought Gwenn a tunic/dress thing for her birthday. Well, I got the next size up so it won’t fit her til October but she’s 1, she won’t know!

    I’m going again before the 20% voucher runs out (I get another 20% off because I work for Fenwick – kerching!) to stock up for Gwenn, buy my friend’s baby his first birthday present and to get a baby gift for hubs’ friends who are expecting a baby this summer.


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