A birthday week

Real Life

It’s been a birthday kinda week this week, Joss turned two and we spent time with our extended families over the long weekend. A lot of cake was eaten, including these gorgeous cake pops that my parents made for Joss to share with her friends at our childminder’s house.

Then on the big day itself her Daddy and I took the day off and headed down to the Coast, probably our favourite place to be, a spot of sun, sea air and icecream! We found a birthday crab, exciting!





This week has also been crazy busy, I did two radio shows, not bad for someone who is terrified of public speaking, but the message was an important one, pre and postnatal mental health should be talked about, and we’re starting to do that in Newcastle, I just didn’t expect to do that with such a big audience!


Blog Life

Two weeks ago I started keeping a blog diary/notebook, it’s a beaut but the content has become important too!


I’ve started to keep a list of media contacts, short term ideas and longer term plans for the blog. Why am I being so organised? Well managing work and juggling home life leaves very little space for those random ideas that pop into my head to find a spot to stick, so this is it! Do you write notes and blog ideas? Any tips for keeping it together?


How’s this magazine spread for mad styling skills!? I kept coming back to this in Red Magazine, it’s inspired a post I’m blogging tomorrow about styling in blog photos.


– See more at: http://www.mumsdays.com/#sthash.16r67GRk.dpuf

9 thoughts on “A birthday week

  1. I love birthday celebrations! (Well kids not mine!) those cake pops look delicious. Well done on your radio shows great to see someone talking about such an important cause x

  2. You are doing some fantastic stuff at the moment Ang! Not being at Uni anymore is really paying off ;) I have a note book for ideas for the blog but it’s quite big so I also use my phone, scraps of paper, my mind (none are very effective!) etc for when I’m out and not near my book. I definitely do not have it down but then I’ve never been very organised!

    The cake pops look amazing!!!

    xxx #mumslist

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