Washi Blog Notebook

A cheapy buff coloured notebook transformed with the use of washi tape; my washi blog notebook has come everywhere with me the past two weeks and I haven’t had bloggers block at all!


I love the sea, anything nautical themed just jumps out at me so these tapes and papers were inspired by a recent trip to the sea.



The notebook itself is divided into three sections, short term blog ideas, contacts and long term plans. I can scribble in it on the go and it’s proved a great source of inspiration over the last fortnight.

Do you keep a blog notebook with you? How do you use it?

One thought on “Washi Blog Notebook

  1. In my previous blog I didn’t keep a note book but I just recently started a new one and I have so many ideas! Sometimes you don’t realise how much you want to say or write until you jot just one idea down!

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