Toddler Octopus Craft and Fuschia Flowers in an Octopus’ Garden

Joss and I took out crafting outdoors with a playdate this week, she and a friend made handprints which we cut out and made into fish with buttons for eyes, with some tissue paper and card (and washi tape, standard) we made an octopus for each of them.

under the sea toddler craft

While they were busy with toddler octopus craft I snapped a few of my yarden favourites, vibrant fuschias.

fuschia flowers fuschia flowers

toddler octopus

12 thoughts on “Toddler Octopus Craft and Fuschia Flowers in an Octopus’ Garden

  1. That’s immensely creative and looks so professionally done! Good job, you two…I can’t ever overestimate the stimulation children get from arts and craft and wish I was a more creative person. It just doesn’t come naturally to me…I might copy this idea for some weekend fun with my girls! ;) xx

  2. I love this idea, when I was a tutor at a residential home for teenagers with SLD, I used to do a lot of handprint craft and it always went down well! Have you made reindeer ones for Christmas before? I’ll be doing so with 5 month old Baby C this year!xx

  3. Perfect! That white wall is the perfect backdrop for colour and fun. Seriously loving the octupuses / octupi?!
    Hope you are having a happy weekend so far – and thank for joining in x

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