Purple Haze Gardening Lavender and Mauve

There’s a definite Purple Haze theme to our gardening of late, plenty of lavender and mauve; I don’t mind the rain when everything looks as lush and green as it does of late

Maybe I was inspired by J’s purple watering can?


14 thoughts on “Purple Haze Gardening Lavender and Mauve

  1. Loving all the purple hues. I dug up a huge lavender bush yesterday and re-homed it, the smell was immense and I’ve been stalking Pinterest for purple flowers ever since! I must set Ozzy watering duties here too!

    Thank you for joining in xxx

  2. Gorgeous! We have a purple and yellow colour scheme in the garden this year. I think pale purples and yellows work really well together in the garden.

  3. … Such concentration over that watering –
    what a good job,
    and I’m sure it will last for the next few months, despite the recent rain!
    Emma :-)

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