Making willow plant supports

Inspired by a recent trip to a garden centre I decided to have a bash at making willow plant supports saving myself five to ten quid a pop and using some of the willow I gathered on a recent walk with Joss. I think they look really rustic and I wanted to recreate this look in our own space.

Source unknown

We followed this tutorial and I have to say it was an enjoyable hours work while little miss played with her sandpit and water table.

diy willow plant support

This one is holding my lavender plant that took a bit of a battering with the recent heavy rain.

willow plant support

If I make more I’ll soak the withies (the long bendy flimsy willow branches) for a bit longer to make them more malleable, but hey, handmade never looks perfect, it’s knowing you made them for free and enjoyed the process that counts!


5 thoughts on “Making willow plant supports

  1. They look super – and it just so happens I can get my hands on some willow – need to try this myself! So satisfying to make something yourself that is both practical and good looking!
    Thanks for sharing – and inspiring!

  2. How funny you should post this, I was thinking about doing the same as we have a willow in our back garden which I could use (also lots and lots of bamboo!). I think your finished project looks fab. You’ve spurred me on to try something similar. Thank you!

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