Eco Friendly Fashion Upcycling Ideas in 30 Mins

This is the first post in a series of Eco Friendly Fashion Upcycling Ideas in 30 Minutes (or less!)

We’re starting with a simple brooch


For cash and time poor crafters like me it’s nice to put old fabric stash items to good use

This brooch is made from fabric scraps cut into different sized circles and layered up. You want to get loads of different textured fabrics going on here!

Stack your circles and machine or hand stitch four lines to attach them as shown, then cut through all the layers at a midpoint between stitches as shown being careful to stop short of the centre


Ruffle up your petals and pinch them in the centres to give more texture

Add a simple safety pin and pop on a coat or bag


8 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Fashion Upcycling Ideas in 30 Mins

  1. Simple but very effective. I’ve done something similar with some left over bits of scrap but I plan to use them as table decorations for our wedding (when it finally happens lol) Thank you for joining in with #ThriftyThursday :-)

  2. That looks great and could be a good use for all the scraps of material I have. I’m pinning this so I can find it when I get my sewing machine out.

  3. Nice and quick. Your brooch looks really beautiful. I have some small bits of fabric in my stash which would be perfect for this. #ThriftyThursday

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