Five Tips for Baby’s First Haircut

This blonde haired girly recently had her first haircut!


There’s something a bit nerve wracking about a) your baby growing up and b) trusting someone to help your baby through their first trim so that they are confident salon goers!

Here’s our top tips for that all important first cut!

1) Talk about it before you go
Don’t just decide on the day to let your tot know, get them used to hair brushing and talk to them about going to the hairdressers a few weeks before you go (this applies to first dentist trips too!). When we arrived at the salon I told Joss we were at the hairdressers and showed her around the salon, she took a few minutes to get comfortable, then chose a seat!

2) Choose a salon carefully
Try to go to your own salon, clearly it’s somewhere you should feel comfy to take your child to! Ask about which stylists do kids hair, not everyone likes to interact with children, luckily all of the stylists at my salon do, but it’s important to ask. The hairdresser was brilliant with Joss, she asked her about her day and talked to her like she was a grown up which she loves, then when she was relaxed she had a quick trim to get her used to the experience, there were no tears, no need for distractions and a lot of smiles!

3) Be prepared
A friend told me to bring a big tshirt with me, sound advice, Joss didn’t like the cape but hairs can be scratchy so we popped a big shirt on instead! Have a drink on hand and a few small toys too.

4) Start with a trim
Even if your tot is ready for a big all over cut start small with a swift trim to keep their attention, starting with a big ten minute sit may be off putting!

5) Take a souvenir!
Don’t be shy, ask the stylist for baby’s first curl for their memory box!


And here she is, sides left longer to grow in, and fringe and curls neatened off!


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One thought on “Five Tips for Baby’s First Haircut

  1. A lovely first milestone, I’m glad it went so well. It’s fantastic that she enjoyed her first experience. Ethan has had to have haircuts from a very young age, something I never expected with a boy, it’s never an easy task!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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