Beginners Decoupage Around the Home

Inspire me!

So you can decoupage pretty much anything you like, and when you get good at it you can create beauties like this one I found on Pinterest!



If like me you’re a beginner you might want to start on a smaller project!

This one used scraps of fabric and PVA glue, finished off with ribbons and trims.

fabric decoupage kitchen jam jar

And this one, wood cuts and tissue paper cut into inch squares, with PVA glue

Decoupage letters paper

You get an idea for the effect here

Decoupage letters paper close up

What is decoupage?

It’s the art of decorating an object by gluing colourful paper, fabric or other mediums onto it, layering up and varnishing with watered down glue (I use three parts water to one part PVA) until the stuck on look starts to look like painting.

Where do I start?

How about starting with a jam jar and some inch squares of tissue paper or fabric scraps, some PVA glue and a brush or a sponge?

Start by applying glue to the jar using a small brush, do this only in the area in which you are covering for now. Lay your tissue or fabric piece by piece gluing if needed and keep going until your jar is covered, keep going, overlapping to build stronger colours and patterns and gently use your brush to smooth creases (don’t be too rough, some creases add to the homespun effect!)

Set aside to dry, then if desired coat in another PVA glue and water wash and set aside to dry one last time, this gives a varnished effect and takes care of any rough edges.

You can see me in action (excuse the post-dinner mess!) here

And the finished piece:


I am looking forward to transforming bigger pieces, dare I say furniture pieces next!

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