Taking Baby for their First Haircut and Other Adventures

Real life

What a change in the weather, back to grey skies and rain but it’s been a lovely week nevertheless. Last weekend started with a child-free day to myself, a rare treat and time for a haircut and spot of shopping. The weekend saw the arrival of mr sunshine and the building of a garden bench, then we had a lovely Tuesday seeing Hannah and Reuben from Mumsdays in the morning and a first haircut for Jossy too.


At the Hancock

I was delighted to be handed her first curl for our tots memory book, it completes her book and though I feel sad that we’re drawing a close on the ‘baby’ months this little girl is a joy to be around!


The hairdresser was brilliant with Joss, I recommend going somewhere you go yourself, I love our stylists at my local salon, friendly and bubbly they really put Joss at ease, they asked her about her day and talked to her like she was a grown up which she loves, then when she was relaxed she had a quick trim to get her used to the experience, there were no tears, no need for distractions and a lot of smiles!

Blog life

In blogland I had a really popular post on making a summer garland this week, if you’d like to make one yourself details are here!



I also lost a few hours this week on a bit of a bloggy jaunt which started with this beautiful book, following some of the blogs it mentions somehow led me to find the blog Junkaholique for which I am very grateful, what a treasure-trove of inspiration and loveliness!


- See more at: http://www.mumsdays.com/#sthash.mTNrKCA9.dpuf

2 thoughts on “Taking Baby for their First Haircut and Other Adventures

  1. I’m so glad Joss’ haircut went well! I take Reuben to our local but he’s really not keen on sitting still at all…can you believe it?! ;)

    Your garden bench and Harlan looks absolutely gorgeous. And the cushions?! I just want to lie there and read a book. Perhaps not today, given the rain!

    Lovely list but I still want a piccie of joss’ hair! Or have I missed it? Will look back through this weeks posts, I’ve not caught up yet! Xxx


  2. Gwenn’s fringe is getting quite long and some people have suggested getting some kind of clip – as if she would keep a clip in!!! So, an alternative would be to have it cut but at the moment I don’t feel ready for that. She’s only 13 months so I don’t think she would sit anyway. I have a pewter “first curl” pot when the time comes but I think it’s a whole off yet.



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