DIY flower arrangements

Not much to report from my yarden this week, so I thought I’d blog about a new pleasure, taking some of our treasures indoors to enjoy and mixing them with the odd bunch of supermarket flowers to test out my arranging skills!

As a complete novice I’ve enjoyed looking at Pinterest boards on arrangements and exploring height and scale too.

These have been some of my favourite arrangements from the last few weeks, some from our garden, some from the store and some wild flowers gathered with Joss, who likes picking more than arranging!

Rose blooms

Small arrangement of wild flowers

Small arrangement of spare flowers

flowers blue

Small arrangement of wild flowers



12 thoughts on “DIY flower arrangements

  1. I love taking photos of flowers like this – so many ways to do it, as you are showing! Makes me want to reach into the pooter and sniff them! Gorgeous – thank you for sharing x

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