Small Steps Amazing Acheivements

This one is not so much of an achievement! Joss really knows her own mind and has started to use the word ‘no’ quite a lot, I like it as it shows she can communicate better what she does and does not like, but as you can see she’s also started exploring the world and does not always explore where we want her to. As Mr B took this photo I was engaged in a discussion with Joss about whether this was a good idea, she said ‘no’ but what she meant was definitely ‘yes!’


Who can resist this cheeky face though?! Three teeth now and loving life!



4 thoughts on “Small Steps Amazing Acheivements

  1. LOL why is it always the places they are not supposed to be they love the most? Our fireplace has a huge guard around it as my little girl loved taking all of the stones out of the fire! Such a cute photo!

  2. So cute! You really can’t say no to that :)
    My youngest first word was “no”, and to this day it’s his favourite…
    It might not be an achievement but i love it when they start exploring. There is nothing quite like seeing the world through their eyes!

  3. What a lovely smile, who could argue with her. We also have a little person who loves to explore fireplaces ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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