What’s the Story?

A bit different this week, I’ve decided to tell the story behind yesterday’s Silent Sunday with a few more photos. We have a lovely family home that we’ve lovingly put together over the past six years, some old, some new, some gifted and some handmade. Our favourite thing seems to be lighting, and I love the light that our Moroccan candle lamp gives off. It was a joint first wedding anniversary gift to each other and we carry it from room to room when relaxing.


We have a few other nice pieces that we’ve gathered over the years, I thought I’d do some home ware blog features so here’s a run down of our lighting first:

Joss’ simple IKEA shade with felt mobile I made when she was a tiny baby


Her bunny lamp…hop hop


My bargain lighthouse


Another IKEA find


And an oldie but goodie from now closed down The Pier, we loved that shop!


3 thoughts on “What’s the Story?

  1. Wow, some lovely lighting! I do like that Moroccan lamp, and love the idea that you carry it from room to room. That’s a very pretty felt mobile, too. We have a few lamps, and funnily enough, we were in Ikea at the weekend and I commented to the husband that I felt we should have more lamps. Your post must be a sign that I was right…best get shopping…;-)!

  2. Loving your Moroccan candle lamp and that you take it from room to room. You’ve got some beautiful lights too, especially like the handmade ones and The Pier one. POD has just got a bunny night light from some friends! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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