Picnic lunches and monkeying around

A gentle start to the week, a yarden picnic and we were joined by monkey who must now always be dressed in a nappy made from a napkin…

Monkey cloth nappy

My roses are doing so well, this one was a gift from a friend when I moved into our flat about six years ago, it’s lovely to bring a few indoors!

white roses

Quite pleased with my newly acquired enamelware, including this car boot sale find strawberry bowl

enamel strawberry bowl

A walk through our neighbourhood threw up some surprises this week, what I now know to be a female lime hawkmoth thanks to a friend who spotted my FB photo and put us right!

female lime hawkmoth

And a yellow water iris popping up by the river, a wobbly camera phone snap as I had to lean out to capture it!

yellow water iris

And finally a more common find, a slug, how nice!




2 thoughts on “Picnic lunches and monkeying around

  1. Slugs really are little charmers aren’t they? *note my sarcastic tone – the demonic lettuce chompers*

    Napkin nappies will be all the rage once Kitty gets a glimpse at this! Loving that rose, simply sniffable *sniffs screen*
    Thanks for joining in again – and extra brownie points for leaning out to take the snap! x

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