Mix and match crockery

Occasionally, just occasionally mind I get a bit antsy about our mix and match approach to homeware, usually after I’ve seen a minimalist blogger post about their crisp white kitchen and collection of Sophie Conran plates. Then I remember that I am clumsy and this eclectic collection suits us well!

I love my small but well-loved collection of Rob Ryan crocks, and as long as I keep to similar hues of blue I think this little lot goes pretty well together.


Just to the left of this shot is another special piece from my kitchen, when we wed in 2011 we were given a beautiful vintage cutlery set by my friend from Uni, I love the plush satin and it’s a well loved piece, coming out for parties and special occasions and sometimes for no occasion what so ever! As you can see I spend a lot of time admiring and polishing them!



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