I used to be one of those folk that loved to shop, lived to shop in fact, then I had a child and a) it stopped being fun and b) suddenly life was about moments not things and c) money was tighter to.

Now I love to do food shopping instead, we don’t have a car so do it daily, and it seems Joss is partial to a trip to what she calls Laldi as well. We chat about food, what we’ll have for lunch, choose fruit and talk to the person at the checkout, boring everyday stuff but a world of opportunities if you’re not yet two and spot raisins on the belt!

I wish I had a decent photo for this post, but this will do, she grabbed her toy bag yesterday, popped it on her shoulder and said “have a nice day, bye bye!” When questioned she said she was going shopping, then tired of that and wanted a carry in the bag instead!


4 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Love this photo, so sweet that she wanted to go shopping by herself. I used to love shopping but for the same reasons as you it’s not the same anymore. We get our food shopping delivered but now I’m thinking it might be fun for Ethan to go daily!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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