Carpet picnics and dens

“Do a den”

Joss asked to build a den last week, how could we refuse?

We are always outside exploring but occasionally the intrepid explorers in us want to have a PJ day and what better way to bring the outdoors indoors than with a den and a carpet picnic?


Armed with a drying rack and plenty of blankets, a sharing platter and snacks a dull grey day starts to look altogether more interesting! Deserving of an Outtakes mention for odd socks and the fact that this could be anyone’s child given the cut off the lunch looks canny anyway!





5 thoughts on “Carpet picnics and dens

  1. Awesome! Carpet picnics are just the best especially if they’re in a den. What a brilliant idea and a great photo too. Great post, thanks for sharing #whatsthestory

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