50 Outdoor Activities to do Before You’re 11 & 3/4

The National Trust are encouraging us to bring up our children outdoors – have you seen their brilliant campaign; 50 Outdoor Activities to do before you’re 11 and 3/4? Lots of free resources available here

Joss is nearly two and has done eight things on the list:

  1. Visit a farm
  2. Find some frog spawn
  3. Play pooh sticks
  4. Have a look in a pond
  5. Run around in the rain
  6. Make a daisy chain
  7. Pick wild blackberries
  8. Look inside a tree

I love this resource, whether the weather is good or bad the list grows with them, in time she will be ticking off making an outdoor den and making a home for a wild animal, bird watching and eating an apple straight from the tree.

We have the 50 Things… book with I’ve Done That stickers, its a brilliant read with loads of inspiration!

Which activity will you try next?

This was not a sponsored post but just a campaign we are interested in and thought others might like the free resources too!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

3 thoughts on “50 Outdoor Activities to do Before You’re 11 & 3/4

  1. 50 things is a great resource, we have worked our way through the list too, as you say the list grows with you, I wish you well to complete them all and do share each adventure with me on Country Kids.

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