Toddler Printable Library in a Box!

If like me you have a child that absolutely adores libraries, stickers, stamps and books then I have the perfect Toddler Printable Library in a box for you!

Joss loves our local library and asks to help stamp the books when we pop in on a Saturday, I wanted to recreate this as a play activity we could do during her quiet time at home. She’s really into role play so this will make a nice change from playing ‘shops’ for a while!

I made Joss a little Library Box with bookplates, a date stamp, library cards and stickers and other stamps so that she can play ‘librarian’ at home, and now you can too!


These Toddler Printable Library cards and labels are free for you to download and print as many times as you like! Just paste the label onto a shoebox, cut out the cards and bookplates and fill your box with stamps, ink, pens, stickers and hey presto, your little one is a Librarian!

Library label

library cards Printable cards

I’d love to see what you add to your own library boxes, if you print them pop back and let me know how your library play goes!


11 thoughts on “Toddler Printable Library in a Box!

  1. This is a lovely idea. My son’s just starting playing shops with totally made up items, so he’d probably like this too. Mind you, our library is all automated with scanned plates, so not exciting stamping involved!

  2. awww I love this idea! I remember setting up my own little library when I was a child & I just think this would be perfect for Sophie & also handy for her friends as they swap books.

  3. What a lovely idea! Our books don’t get stamped any more at our local library, you self scan then through a machine instead. My two do enjoy that though. Thanks for sharing on #ThriftyThursday :)

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