Ripening tomatoes and thinking ahead to next year’s yardening

Next year I really want to make this little space sing, we’ve had a big success with transforming the yarden this year but there’s a way to go to make it really do all of the things I want it to.

Yarden update

Namely I want to grow more to eat!

This year the herbs have done superbly and have been a lovely addition, so much so that I’m sharing my lemon balm tea recipe again!

fresh lemon balm tea recipe

And these ripening tomatoes are coming along so nicely I thought a little photostudy was in order, now I’m off to ponder and plan…

ripening tomatoes

3 thoughts on “Ripening tomatoes and thinking ahead to next year’s yardening

  1. That lemon balm tea recipe sounds nice. We have a fairly large lemon balm bush in the garden but don’t use it for anything. I will try your tea! Nice tomatoes :)

  2. I must raid my father in laws lemon balm now! It’s so satisfying growing your own and it’s slippery slope – one year tomatoes – next year lettuce, tomatoes and courgettes!
    Such satisfaction, and lovely that you are already looking ahead to next year – thank you for sharing again x

  3. Oh i think i have lemon balm, and will definitely be trying your recipe now! I love your ‘yardening’ term – fab :) Good luck pondering for next year – I am browsing my gardening books to see what I can grow over winter! #hdygg

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