Toddler’s Lemony Birthday Cake


It’s Joss’ Second Birthday tomorrow and I’ve decided to use that day to blog about an important campaign, so this is a birthday-eve Birthday post complete with Toddler’s Lemony Birthday Cake. She and I adore lemon curd so this is a cake fit for my darling girl with handmade paper flower decorations and two little ladybird candles.

She has had a whale of a time today as we planned a little pre-Birthday tea party, tomorrow will be a day just for the three of us.

She was really excited about presents and about her cake, lovely to see these ‘firsts’



6 thoughts on “Toddler’s Lemony Birthday Cake

  1. Aww what great photos, love the bottom one. Your cake looks utterly divine, Joss’s a very lucky girl indeed. Hope you have the most wonderful day tomorrow *sings Happy Birthday* #whatsthestory

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, lovely Joss!! And to you Ang xxx She looks adorable in her little party dress. I love the cake, I love the lady bird candles, and I love her little expression opening her presents! So cute and have a wonderful day tomorrow xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope she had a great 2nd Birthday. The cake looks lovely and I love the homemade paper flowers on the top.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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