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Real Life

I am absolutely loving having such an outdoorsy little girl! These photos from this week really show her true nature coming though, I love how inquisitive she is and the researcher in me is loving it too as I have a lot of ‘what’s that?’ questions coming my way and I was not the most outdoorsy kid myself so trees, insects and birds are slowly filtering into both our minds at the moment! It’s got me thinking about exploring free range parenting some more, I mean look how chilled she is exploring the world through her own eyes and experiences!



Looking ahead to the next few weeks I’ve some big things coming up at work that are probably going to start to filter into home life if I’m not careful, in some ways having this blog to focus on too reminds me that it’s important to try to hold back work seeping in as much as possible, but it’s hard, yes Joss is the most important thing but deadlines are hard to meet in just three days a week, it’s a blooming hard juggling act and I don’t know the answer yet, but we are hoping to take a holiday later this year so that’s something to focus on and work towards.

Blog Life

Two of my fave posts this week were this one on eco parenting (having lovely things to test and look at helped too!) and this one, who knew mix and match crockery was so controversial but the comments I’ve had suggest there’s a 50/50 split! Coming up next week is my post on helping toddlers through fears (Daddy and I keep spelling out words we need to avoid like MONSTERS and HAND DRYER)…



This week I’ve been working on my Pinterest presence helped by this great post by craftsonsea

I also came across some gorgeous floral collages as well as a fantastic blog over at wolves in london

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One thought on “Intrepid Explorer Toddler Mumslist

  1. How have I not commented?!?! I just popped over to make sure and low and behold :( I pinned it this week, so must have confused myself…anyway, how have the deadlines gone? I’m sure you pulled it out the bag, if you’re anything like me you work better to a deadline. it’s no fun if it spills out to family time though. I love the mis-match crockery! Good job, our whole house is like that… xxxx

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