Acceptable in the 80s

“It was acceptable at the time…”


Furthering my heading towards my 30s at the end of this month and wanting to capture my childhood in some small way for Joss in the words of Calvin Harris “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s…”


So what was acceptable in the eighties (ok and nineties) then? These are photos of photos, so not the best, but I’m putting myself out there, quite literally this week!

Disco dancing! Bert and Ernie! Amazing outfits! Fringes that start at the back of your head, and more amazing clothing!

More to follow over the next few weeks!

Busy days

This week saw Joss and I take a long walk at the Farm to see the frogs!


We also came face to face with the dino at The Hancock museum


And met up with Hannah and Reuben from Mumsdays for a morning of miaows and awesome mum crafts, Joss didn’t want the mask, didn’t make the mask and didn’t wear the mask but she did eat the biscuits at the end!


Bloggy bits

I finished my uni work and put my energy into blog promotion and saw my stats soar! Popular posts this week featured my wee chimney sweep and my new craft room redesign

I have a competition that’s open for a few hours yet which has been really popular and if anyone fancies a thrifty dinner then check out my latest recipe!

I’ve been lost in Pinterest this week looking at Mothers Day craft ideas, next week you’ll get to see some works in progress I hope!


3 thoughts on “Acceptable in the 80s

  1. I was born in 1982 so I’m feeling this post ;-) I didn’t have a mega fringe though, because I’ve got curly hair. Lucky escape really!!



  2. Aw, you are 1 year and 3 days younger than me! I’m 31 on Thursday… quite looking forward to it, I’ve already got prosecco on ice, fillet steak and instructions for the sublime blue cheese sauce my best mate makes! I’m now off to check out your pinterest board! Did you see my post last week about finding time to craft (some tips from Sara Davies: Well, she said to do crafting with other people…perhaps we should have a crochet get together with wine for the next ne blogger meet up (Beth and Grace can drive since they don’t drink and we can drink ;) haha! I also don’t crochet…)

    Thanks for the link up, love it! xxx

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