Crafters Paradise – A space to call my own

This week I decided to get motivated and get my uni workspace redesigned as a craft space, I started small, organising some of my stashes. I’ve already come across stuff I had totally forgotten about, like that yellow and green tweed I’ve been saving to line a crochet scarf! It’s lovely to see my recent Fabric Rehab purchases all rolled into neat FQs and to have all my yarn in one place too! The WIPs are notepads from Papercrafter mag, just waiting to be bound. This is a total work in progress, I’ll keep updating as the space improves (a trip to IKEA is on the cards so I’m sure to find a way of storing my paper ephemera and cards, right?!)



5 thoughts on “Crafters Paradise – A space to call my own

  1. I just love sorting my crafting area, and it always results in me finding stuff I’d forgotten about. Thank you for linking up with MotivationalMonday.

  2. Am loving your little worm – he’s got me all confused! ;-) Well organised my dear – can you come and do mine too…Oh and write up that post that I have been meaning to do for ages on the Origami bunny as well?!!? Thanks so much for joining the Parenting Pin it Party this week. xx

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